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Foreword by the Management Board

GRI 102-14

Dear Readers,

Back in 1970, when Dr. Heinrich Netheler and Dr. Hans Hinz founded Eppendorf, they laid down a clear purpose for our company: to improve human living conditions. Now, in the first Eppendorf Group Sustainability Report, we will be shedding light on exactly what we are doing to fulfill this purpose some 50 years later.

With consolidated revenues of €1.1 billion, Eppendorf generated by far the best result in its history in fiscal year 2021. Consolidated revenues had already been on the rise consistently in the years prior. The ongoing growth trend comes as demand for Eppendorf’s life science products and services which is higher than ever. The pandemic has clearly shown how important our business activities are to the fabric of society.

At the same time, we are aware that our processes also have an impact on the environment and can in some cases exacerbate climate change. As a company, we intend to play our part in protecting the climate and have tasked ourselves with cutting our carbon emissions, which is why we are implementing recognized environmental standards across the board and working hard to improve our carbon footprint. This work involves analyzing and documenting our greenhouse gas emissions – figures that we are publishing for the first time in this report.

Sustainability is an issue that poses many challenges but also offers plenty of opportunities. We are focusing our efforts on where we can make the most effective contribution to the sustainable development of both the economy and society as a whole. As part of an intensive strategic process, we have identified a number of key issues that will guide us in achieving the best possible ecological, social and economic equilibrium in our business. On the basis of these key issues, we have defined our specific sustainability goals, which are as follows:

Eppendorf should become climate-neutral

We are developing a company-wide strategy in line with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2100. Our initial focal point is on our own business activities. But we also aim to help our customers become climate-neutral in the future.

Eppendorf should take on an industry-leading role in protecting natural resources

We create solutions that help our customers save on materials. What is more, we concentrate on where we can achieve the greatest impact: with alternative packaging and consumables, as well as innovative recycling and reuse concepts.

Eppendorf should become the best employer in the life science industry by 2025

Satisfied and dedicated employees are the key to long-term success, even in challenging times. To achieve this, we foster a willingness to change and embrace diversity among those who work for us. The strategic focal points of our HR activities are “Lifelong Learning in the Digital Age” and “Diversity and Equality of Opportunities at our Sites.”

Find out more about our strategic approach and commitments in the main sections of this Sustainability Report.

We signed the UN Global Compact in January 2022 to mark a continued demonstration of our commitment to sustainability. Being a part of this global network also means continuously developing our sustainability activities. As a result, we support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGsSDGsThe 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are goals established by the United Nations to ensure sustainable development at the economic, social and environmental levels worldwide.) of the United Nations.

The fact that we here at Eppendorf have the potential to change things for the better is due in no small part to the close to 5,000 employees who work for the Group. We would like to thank them all for their dedication and flexibility, as well as their willingness to learn and to perform at the highest level. Many stakeholders around the world, including those in our social environment, are working toward making our company stronger and better, which is why it is important that we ensure that the way we create value becomes more sustainable. Read on to find out how we plan to do this.

We wish you a stimulating read!

Eva van Pelt

Co-CEO & Chief Commercial Officer

Dr Peter Fruhstorfer

Co-CEO & Chief Business Officer

Axel Jaeger

Chief Financial Officer

Dr Wilhelm Plüster

Chief Technology Officer